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Day Trading

Day Trading: A Short History Broadly, day trading involves transactions whose positions are closed in a single day, involving typically stocks, options, currencies, and futures contracts. Whether focusing upon price momentum or patterns (or scalping, involving holding a position for a few seconds or minutes).

Stock Exchanges

Stock Exchange History in the U.S. Rises and falls in the stock market appear to correlate with morale of many human beings.  Investments in the way of pensions for the elderly, future college tuition for the young child, and portions of adults’ salaries, along with

Valuation Basics

A Basis for Valuation Real value of a company is important to predict for the future.  Assets (e.g. stocks, options, business items, and intangible assets such as patents) and liabilities (e.g. bonds) each can be valued. Several chief methods of valuation can be used, whether

Currency Worldwide

  Money’s Value Really, a fundamental question is: “What is money?”  Plagued in a present-day crisis about whether the Euro being the common currency was the correct decision for Europe, one can consider other questions such as “why are there different currencies for so many

Neuropsychology of Investment Behavior

Historical Perspective into Understanding Investment Behavior Investments and realizing gain vs. loss require one key ingredient other than the idea of value – they require humans who are interested in investing, and that interest can indicate a key aspect – “human behavior.” As one professor

Private Equity Considerations

A Brief History of Private Equity Relatively recently, the private equity industry has emerged from two venture capital (VC) funds founded shortly after World War II – American R&D Company (by Georges Doriot for soldiers transitioning into business, who also founded INSEAD) & JH Whitney

Hedges in the Financial Landscape

Hedge Funds: A Brief History Recent attention given to historic gains via hedge funds have led to greater entry into the field.  Yet, entry is regulated to high net worth indivuals, pension funds, and university/other foundation funds.  They use short selling and leverage, and are

Bonding Financially

  Bonds: A Credit History Risks vary with different entities, and some classic models (particularly one seen in the book Winning the Losing Game) show a graph comparing stocks, bonds, and U.S. Treasury Bonds. A bond is a security where issuers owe holders debt, is

Taking Stock

Stock History While it is possible that a “stock market” where shares were traded existed as far back as the time of ancient Rome, more recently the Dutch East India Company was noted to utilize stocks in the early 1600s. For the better part of